old monk rum price in goa

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Question is :
old monk rum price in goa
Answer is :
400-500 INR per bottle.

[Volume] old monk rum price in goa

Old Monk Rum Price in Goa
Category: Alcohol
Subcategory: Rum
Small: ₹30-50
Standard: ₹100-150
Medium: ₹250-350
Large: ₹500-750
Extra Large: ₹1,000
Jumbo: ₹1,500-2,000
Shot: ₹30-60
Double Shot: ₹60-120
Pint: ₹473
Half-Pint: ₹236
Flask: ₹200-250
Cocktail: ₹120-180
Pitcher: ₹1-2 liters
Wine Glass: ₹150-250
Champagne Flute: ₹120-180
Highball Glass: ₹240-350
Collins Glass: ₹300-450
Martini Glass: ₹150-250
Beer Mug: ₹400-600


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[States] old monk rum price in goa

Example: Old Monk Rum Price in Goa: Approx. Rs. 500 (Category: Alcoholic Beverages, Subcategory: Rum)

old monk rum price in goa


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old monk rum price in goa

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