budweiser whisky price in india

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Question is :
budweiser whisky price in india
Answer is :
Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.

[Volume] budweiser whisky price in india

Ex: Budweiser Whisky Price in India – Liquor – Whisky, Small: Rs. 100, Standard: Rs. 200, Medium: Rs. 300, Large: Rs. 600, Extra Large: Rs. 1,000, Jumbo: Rs. 1,500, Shot: Rs. 50, Double Shot: Rs. 100, Pint: Rs. 200, Half-Pint: Rs. 100, Flask: Rs. 250, Cocktail: Rs. 150, Pitcher: Rs. 1,500, Wine Glass: Rs. 200, Champagne Flute: Rs. 150, Highball Glass: Rs. 300, Collins Glass: Rs. 400, Martini Glass: Rs. 200, Beer Mug: Rs. 500.


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[States] budweiser whisky price in india

Budweiser Whisky Price in India: ₹500-700

budweiser whisky price in india

Category: Alcohol
Subcategory: Whisky

Price in Andhra Pradesh: ₹550-650
Price in Arunachal Pradesh: ₹550-650
Price in Assam: ₹550-650
Price in Bihar: ₹550-650
Price in Chhattisgarh: ₹550-650
Price in Goa: ₹500-600
Price in Gujarat: Not available (Prohibition state)
Price in Haryana: ₹550-650
Price in Himachal Pradesh: ₹550-650
Price in Jharkhand: ₹550-650
Price in Karnataka: ₹500-600
Price in Kerala: ₹500-600
Price in Madhya Pradesh: ₹550-650
Price in Maharashtra: ₹500-600
Price in Manipur: ₹550-650
Price in Meghalaya: ₹550-650
Price in Mizoram: ₹550-650
Price in Nagaland: ₹550-650
Price in Odisha: ₹550-650
Price in Punjab: ₹550-650
Price in Rajasthan: ₹550-650
Price in Sikkim: ₹550-650
Price in Tamil Nadu: ₹500-600
Price in Telangana: ₹500-600
Price in Tripura: ₹550-650
Price in Uttar Pradesh: ₹550-650
Price in Uttarakhand: ₹550-650
Price in West Bengal: ₹550-650
Price in Delhi: ₹550-650
Price in Jammu and Kashmir: ₹550-650
Price in Ladakh: ₹550-650

budweiser whisky price in india


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budweiser whisky price in india

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