all beer price in kolkata

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Question is :
all beer price in kolkata
Answer is :
Rs 100-300 per pint.

[Volume] all beer price in kolkata

Kolkata Beer Prices Category: Alcohol Subcategory: Beer Price Range: Varies by size.

Small: Rs. 30-50
Standard: Rs. 100-150
Medium: Rs. 250-350
Large: Rs. 500-750
Extra Large: Rs. 1,000
Jumbo: Rs. 1,500-2,000
Shot: Rs. 30-60
Double Shot: Rs. 60-120
Pint: Rs. 473
Half-Pint: Rs. 236
Flask: Rs. 200-250
Cocktail: Rs. 120-180
Pitcher: Rs. 1-2 liters
Wine Glass: Rs. 150-250
Champagne Flute: Rs. 120-180
Highball Glass: Rs. 240-350
Collins Glass: Rs. 300-450
Martini Glass: Rs. 150-250
Beer Mug: Rs. 400-600

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all beer price in kolkata

[States] all beer price in kolkata

Beer prices in Kolkata: ₹100-₹200 (approx)

One World Category: Alcohol

all beer price in kolkata

Subcategory: Beer

Andhra Pradesh: ₹80-₹150
Arunachal Pradesh: ₹90-₹160
Assam: ₹100-₹180
Bihar: ₹120-₹200
Chhattisgarh: ₹90-₹160
Goa: ₹80-₹150
Gujarat: Not available
Haryana: ₹110-₹190
Himachal Pradesh: ₹100-₹180
Jharkhand: ₹120-₹200
Karnataka: ₹90-₹160
Kerala: ₹100-₹180
Madhya Pradesh: ₹100-₹180
Maharashtra: ₹90-₹160
Manipur: ₹110-₹190
Meghalaya: ₹100-₹180
Mizoram: ₹110-₹190
Nagaland: ₹100-₹180
Odisha: ₹90-₹160
Punjab: ₹100-₹180
Rajasthan: ₹120-₹200
Sikkim: ₹110-₹190
Tamil Nadu: ₹90-₹160
Telangana: ₹90-₹160
Tripura: ₹110-₹190
Uttar Pradesh: ₹120-₹200
Uttarakhand: ₹100-₹180
West Bengal: ₹100-₹180

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary. Additionally, availability and regulations differ in some states.


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all beer price in kolkata

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